Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Run Six

I ran today. I think I am getting stronger/fitter.
I ran five minutes straight, rested one. Ran three, rested one, I did that five times and then ran my sprints. I had a 31 minute workout.
I am feeling better and have lost three pounds, even with my binge on my birthday.
I am switching my 5K to the race for the cure in Utah in May. My sister-in-law invited me and my wife to be on her team. It is nice to have family encouraging me.
I am hoping that my speed is improving. I feel faster. I think the sprints at the end have helped. It forces me to take a long and fast stride when I am tired. It keeps my pace up mid run and towards the end.
My legs feel stronger, but my left leg has a tough time warming up and getting in stride. My knee feels stiff and it takes a long time to get in stride. Eventually, it gets going. My warmup could stand to improve. Maybe i should include some lunges and jumps to warm my legs up better.

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