Thursday, February 11, 2010

Run Five

I got my run in this morning. It was late morning, but definitely better than an afternoon run.
I am finding I can run longer than I could a week ago. My stride feels better and I can keep a good pace. The sprints after the run are always fun.
That was my second run this week. I will probably get a run in tomorrow or Saturday. I don't want to run on Saturday because it is my birthday. Maybe I should run. Aparently, I am not getting any younger.
When I started my run today, the back of my knee hurt a little. It went away after a minute or two. I think it was because I didn't warm up properly. I need to get those dynamic stretches in, but I am always in a hurry.
Well, I am hoping to get a baseline 5k even if I have to walk a lot. Maybe I can do that on Saturday.

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