Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Run four

I ran yesterday around noon. Mornings are tough when you work late and have a four month old who doesn't like to sleep.
Running in the morning is way better. You are still a little sleepy and don't notice the first part of the run. By the time you have wiped the crust from your eyes, you are hitting your stride. For me, it is the middle of the run that feels best. i feel like my stride and energy are on the up and up.
I am still having trouble with my diet. I am, however, trying to eat smaller portions. I don't need three hamburgers, two will work. I don't need two bowls of chili, one is fine (if it is filled all the way). Maybe, that is why I haven't seen a lot of weight loss.
I am going to try to jump to four runs next week and up my run/walk ratio. I'll get two more runs this week to experiment.
My sister-in-law did her first 5K of the season in 33 minutes in the rain at Ogden, Ut. I have to be able to run faster than her or I will be embarassed. My machismo would be ruined.

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  1. Good luck! That was one tough run! Pretty much the entire 3 miles up hill, ok at least 2.5!!! That was not my best time by far! Keep up the good work!