Saturday, February 6, 2010

Run 3

This was my last run for the week. I am going to run just three times a week as I ease into my program.
I almost didn't get this one in. I ended up running after work on Saturday night. I was tired from a whole day of everything and it felt like i weighed a million pounds dragging myself out the door.
The percieved weight melted away as I got into the run. With each succeeding stage I felt stronger and faster. I only got 25 minutes because I felt bad about leaving my wife alone with the kids and I was super exhausted.
I haven't gotten good sleep the last couple of nights, things on my mind.
When I got done with the run I felt light headed and sick. I didn't drink enough water during the day and I paid for it after the run.
I need to make sure I am regulating when I eat and drink so that I have enough energy-- no spikes or dips.
Anyway, week one is in the books. I already feel stronger and lighter on my feet. Who would have known exercise makes youi feel healthier?

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