Saturday, February 20, 2010

I haven't fallen off the wagon, yet

Sorry i missed Thursday, at least the writing.
I got a solid run in. It was short, but i ran pretty hard.
I went and played hockey in Cloudcroft, NM today for two hours. It was fun and I was exhausted after.
I am leaving Alamogordo to take a new job in Utah, but I will continue to train and blog.
I am signed up for a charity fun-run in March in Provo, Utah and a Race for the Cure event in Salt Lake in May.
I am still hoping for a nice 25 minute time in May.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Run Six

I ran today. I think I am getting stronger/fitter.
I ran five minutes straight, rested one. Ran three, rested one, I did that five times and then ran my sprints. I had a 31 minute workout.
I am feeling better and have lost three pounds, even with my binge on my birthday.
I am switching my 5K to the race for the cure in Utah in May. My sister-in-law invited me and my wife to be on her team. It is nice to have family encouraging me.
I am hoping that my speed is improving. I feel faster. I think the sprints at the end have helped. It forces me to take a long and fast stride when I am tired. It keeps my pace up mid run and towards the end.
My legs feel stronger, but my left leg has a tough time warming up and getting in stride. My knee feels stiff and it takes a long time to get in stride. Eventually, it gets going. My warmup could stand to improve. Maybe i should include some lunges and jumps to warm my legs up better.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Run Six postponed

Saturday was my birthday. The big 2-7.
I woke up at 8 a.m., but I didn't run.
My buddy and I went up to Cloudcroft, N.M. and parked at their outdoor ice rink. We strapped on our hockey skates and grabbed our hockey sticks.
We played hockey for about two hours. We passed around and skated some sprints. For the last hour or so we played one on one.
I'm not trying to be cocky, it comes effortlessly, but I skated around my friend 9 million times. We were shooting into this little cone and I kept hitting the outside of it.... no goal.
It was some great birthday exercise. I sweat hard out in the cold and I got to play my favorite sport.
So, I only got two runs in this week. I really feel like I am healthier... well was.
I was feeling pretty good until my birthday. I kind of cheated on my diet. I had a giant hamburger for lunch with fries and a mexican Coke to wash it down (real sugar). My wife made my favorite dinner, her patented enchiladas and Tacquitos. She cooks the chicken overnight in the crock pot with spices and peppers and then adds cream cheese and cream of chicken soup. They are either fried or smothered in green chili sacue and cheese. It is delicious and I eat a ton of it.
Well, their is always a new week.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Run Five

I got my run in this morning. It was late morning, but definitely better than an afternoon run.
I am finding I can run longer than I could a week ago. My stride feels better and I can keep a good pace. The sprints after the run are always fun.
That was my second run this week. I will probably get a run in tomorrow or Saturday. I don't want to run on Saturday because it is my birthday. Maybe I should run. Aparently, I am not getting any younger.
When I started my run today, the back of my knee hurt a little. It went away after a minute or two. I think it was because I didn't warm up properly. I need to get those dynamic stretches in, but I am always in a hurry.
Well, I am hoping to get a baseline 5k even if I have to walk a lot. Maybe I can do that on Saturday.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Run four

I ran yesterday around noon. Mornings are tough when you work late and have a four month old who doesn't like to sleep.
Running in the morning is way better. You are still a little sleepy and don't notice the first part of the run. By the time you have wiped the crust from your eyes, you are hitting your stride. For me, it is the middle of the run that feels best. i feel like my stride and energy are on the up and up.
I am still having trouble with my diet. I am, however, trying to eat smaller portions. I don't need three hamburgers, two will work. I don't need two bowls of chili, one is fine (if it is filled all the way). Maybe, that is why I haven't seen a lot of weight loss.
I am going to try to jump to four runs next week and up my run/walk ratio. I'll get two more runs this week to experiment.
My sister-in-law did her first 5K of the season in 33 minutes in the rain at Ogden, Ut. I have to be able to run faster than her or I will be embarassed. My machismo would be ruined.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Run 3

This was my last run for the week. I am going to run just three times a week as I ease into my program.
I almost didn't get this one in. I ended up running after work on Saturday night. I was tired from a whole day of everything and it felt like i weighed a million pounds dragging myself out the door.
The percieved weight melted away as I got into the run. With each succeeding stage I felt stronger and faster. I only got 25 minutes because I felt bad about leaving my wife alone with the kids and I was super exhausted.
I haven't gotten good sleep the last couple of nights, things on my mind.
When I got done with the run I felt light headed and sick. I didn't drink enough water during the day and I paid for it after the run.
I need to make sure I am regulating when I eat and drink so that I have enough energy-- no spikes or dips.
Anyway, week one is in the books. I already feel stronger and lighter on my feet. Who would have known exercise makes youi feel healthier?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Run two

I woke up this morning just before my alarm and heard rain outside. I turned off my 8 a.m. alarm and went back to sleep.
At 8:30 a.m. my two-year-old came in and told me she wanted to watch cartoons with me. So, I was up.
I thought to myself 'I can just run tomorrow.' But, around 10:30 I thought the rain had stopped so I threw my shoes on and hit the road.
The rain was still there, just a little softer.
I decided to run to the stop sign a few blocks away. It took me about five minutes to get there, uphill, according to my ipod. I then ran up and down 25th street alternating one minute hard, one minute walk. I finished the run with four 50 yard sprints.
Jason Atkinson, my run guru, told me to run a couple full-speed sprints at the end. If you train to run fast, you will run fast. If youi train slow, you will run slow. So, the sprints teach your body to run faster. The Lord knows I could us a little fast.
I was pretty sore last night, but a good sleep had me feeling ok today.
My wife started a running program too. She started yesterday and has been really sore today. She has been losing a ton of weight since our daughter was born in September. She has been a good example of controlling her calorie intake. That is hard for me. I like to eat. I like to feel full and love fatty food.
That is a bad combination for someone who is banking on weight loss to help his speed out.
If anyone has any tips on curbing appetite or low calorie/high energy food, I am all ears.
I run again on Friday morning. Should be good.

Monday, February 1, 2010

First run

Well, I did it. I got up this morning just a bit before 8 a.m. and went for a run. I don't have a watch, so I kind of guessed at the run walk incriments.
I went to a park near myhome that Jason Atkinson recommended. It was a little muddy thanks to all the rain, but a good place to run.
I am going to have to give it a fail.
Yeah, I'm out of shape, but that wasn't the worst part.
The Worst part was a valueable lesson I learned. Halfway through the run, my morning constitutional came a calling.
Aparently, it is a good idea to take care of that before you start your run. Who knew?
It was a good thing I was in a park that featured the proper facilities and some city workers to stare at me as I walked up to the bathroom.
Once I got that taken care of, my form improved and I felt faster.
I got back in the house after 26 minutes (I need a watch or my ipod to time things better). It wasn't a total failure. I got a runish and I am not dying from soreness, yet.