Monday, March 15, 2010


I am working at getting on track.
I have been pretty bad since I moved back to Utah. Cold weather and a heavy work schedule make it tough to run.
But, we have gone a few times to the BYU indoor track.
I ran a full 5K, 16 laps in the indoor track, in 35 minutes. that was with a lot of walking and half of it pushing a stroller with my 6 month old. Part of that I had my two year old riding on the turning wheel. I ran a mile straight at the beginning. That was a shade under ten minutes.
I think my laps were faster when I walked a third and ran two thirds fast.
I need to run my sprints at the end to get my speed up. I think I will be easily under 30 minutes when I can run the whole way. I think I am really close to running the whole thing.
I have 5K fun-run for charity on the 27th of March. My big goal 5K is on May 1st, I think. I have to beat my sister-in-law at that one. I think with my long stride, I have a shot.
I took a drive the other day and mapped out a 5K route near my house. I am going to run that and start making every run a 5K. I know that I am supposed to focus on time and not distance, but it is easier for me to focus on time over distance.
i have my benchmark, lets see it start going down.

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