Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well.... I got my first official 5K out of the way. I ran a lot of it, but faultered a bit at the end.
I finished with a time of 29:07. My goal was under 30 minutes for this one.
I think even at the pace I ran today, if I just run the whole time, I can get under 25 minutes.
The course had a huge downhill and then up. I thought that would hurt me, but I think it helped. I am still pretty big, so gravity gave me a speed advantage on the downhill. I have huge quads from hockey, so the uphill was a not too taxing.
My plan was to run to the 2-mile sign, but I missed it and kept running until I was tired. The end was were I struggled. I wanted to walk, not run. but, I am really competitive and couldn't stand letting people pass me. So, I tried to slug it out.
My first mile was super fast. I was right up with the leaders. If I can keep my pace up, I will be set.

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