Sunday, May 16, 2010

5K time

So, last week was my 5k. It was the Susan G. Kohman for the cure race in Salt Lake city, so it was seas and seas of people. My wife and I made it to the almost front of the crowd. we were still surrounded.
I had two goals: under 25 minutes and to run the whole time. Goal; fail.
I am pretty proud of the 28:37 it took me to run the race. I put all I had into that run.
But... I still couldn't run the whole way. With less than a mile left, I felt like my lunds had become stone. So, I walked a bit. Walking felt unnatural after running so long and then another fat guy ran past me.
That is when I started running again and beat that guy to the finish. Basically I sprinted the end.

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